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Chef Christian Carlisle

Chef & Owner

Growing up in the Carlisle household, every Sunday night was for family. Dad would grill barbeque chicken and mom would whip up some side dishes, and the four children would gather on a bench in front of the tv and watch the Disney Sunday night movie while eating a homecooked meal together. At the age of 14, Christian started in the restaurant industry. Working through every position and moving into management by the time he turned 18. After a break from the restaurant industry and a venture into retail, he missed the creative avenue and excitement and moved back to the hot line. Venturing into fine dining until the opportunity presented itself to marry the two worlds and join a family owned gourmet kitchen store. Teaching classes and managing the retail store was a happy blend of the two. With classes popularity evolving into a three hour wait for sign up and his catering business growing, in 2018, he opened Blue Collard Market. The vision behind Blue Collard Market serves two purposes; beyond fulfilling the need for a full-blown catering kitchen and office, the market drew its inspiration from his childhood dinners, taking people back to their homes and dining tables. As a nod and reminder to the family suppers of his youth, the bench built by his father that he and his siblings ate dinner on every Sunday, sits on the front porch.